SA HealthInfo online databases

African Trials Registry
The African Trials Register is a database of controlled trials performed in Africa and has been compiled by the South African Cochrane Centre.
Contact person: Ms Elizabeth Pienaar, of the SA Cochrane Centre e-mail:

Community health information database (CHID)
This database is compiled by the staff of the SA University of the Free State Library and Information Services and includes a broad range of health information topics ranging from medical procedures and treatment to health policy issues. Contact person: Ms Suzette Lombard,of the Univ of the Orange Free State

MRC Health Research Projects
A database produced by the Medical Research Council that contains information regarding projects funded by the MRC and various other funding organisations.
Contact Person: Mr Clive Glass of the MRC Grants Administration office.

South African Food composition database
Use the SA Food Composition database to lookup the Energy and selected macronutrient (fat, protein, carbohydrate, fibre) composition of different foods.
Contact persons: Dr Petro Wolmarans, of the MRC Nutritional Intervention Research Unit
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Advanced Food composition database

The South African Medical Database (SAMED)
SAMED manages the research outputs produced by MRC researchers and MRC-supported researchers. Reprints can be ordered from the MRC through the online Document delivery service. Contact person: Michelle Snyders, MRC Knowledge Management Division

UCT Traditional medicines database (TRAMED)
Information includes: botanical taxonomy; geographical location; monographs of traditional medicinal plants that will be included in a Traditional Herbal medicines Pharmacopoeia for South Africa; reported medicinal treatments, chemical information, pharmacological and toxicological content. Information has been gathered from the literature; institutions such as herbaria and botanical gardens; workshops with traditional healers (with their consent), and from already recorded narrative accounts. Contact details: South African Traditional Medicines Research Unit, Dept. of Pharmacology, Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Cape Town, 7925 Observatory, South Africa E-mail: